Pittville Pump Room roofline statues


We have the final word on these three statues from a founder member of Friends of Pittville, Judy Langhorn. Many people think that the left hand statue (viewed from the front) is holding a baseball bat, put there by the American troops who were stationed in the Pump Room during WW2. This is not true. Full story here The Pump Room statues. A postscript: the Borough Council recently replaced the 1960s ‘bat’ with another, also made of wood, which certainly does look like a large baseball bat!

Pump room and lake

Now 14,000 histories

John Simpson and Steve Blake, with a few of the 80 strong audience

There was a fantastic turnout for John Simpson’s presentation for Cheltenham Local History Society at St Luke’s Hall on 5 March.  John talked about the award-winning website, Pittville History Works, explaining how the searchable database was built up to over 14,000 items. It covers every person and building in the original Estate from 1842 to 1939, with stories of individuals ranging from those in the women’s suffrage movement to the First World War to the slave trade. Historian Steve Blake also gave a quick update on his planned, more detailed, research into the builders of Pittville’s houses.

Quiz night 18 February 2019

A very successful quiz evening was held at the welcoming Feathered Fish with a good turnout of ~ 60 people. There was a great atmosphere as contestants were tested by quiz-master Paul over a range of subjects. FoP raised £370, including £100 from the raffle, which will go towards Pittville Park projects and ongoing maintenance.  Thanks go out to Philippa Howell for organising the event and to Amanda Slayton-Joslin for assisting on the night. Also thanks to all who donated raffle prizes and to Henry Williams for ticket sales. Finally thanks to the Feathered Fish and their staff.

Committee roles 2018-19

At the first trustee meeting after the AGM, on 11 December 2018, the trustees re-appointed Judie Hodsdon as Chairman, Fiona Clarke as Secretary and Paul Benfield as Treasurer.

Gloria Jones continues as Membership Secretary and Chris Archibald as Green Space Volunteers co-ordinator (and much more). Andy Hopkins remains as editor of the newsletter and Sandy Marshall takes over as the Pittville History Works representative. Other trustees are responsible for specific events and/or are members of one of the teams. One of our members, Jocelyn Potter, has very kindly volunteered to take the minutes at our trustee meetings and at the AGM.

Click here for more information about our trustees.

Hilary Simpson stood down as a trustee at the AGM but continues to lead the Pump Room Action Group. She is also maintaining this website and our Facebook page until new trustee Adrian Allen is able to take over.  Thanks to Hilary for her significant contribution as a trustee and as a founder member of the Pittville History Works group.


We are sorry to say that an illustration on the back page of the December newsletter was printed backwards. This is how it should have looked.

Entitled ‘Pittville Park’ and drawn by Audrey Yabsley,  it appeared in a 1936 magazine from Pate’s Grammar School for Girls. With thanks to the Archive of Pate’s Grammar School who can be contacted at archives@patesgs.org.

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