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Our dig for the missing steps

The Friends of Pittville excavation to investigate if the grand flight of steps in front of the Pump Room still exists took place on Thursday 20 April. Twelve of our regular Green Space volunteers went for the Time Team option and worked extremely hard, some until 1.00 pm. We were supervised by experts from Gloucestershire Archaeology as most of us were new to ‘digging’. Malcolm Walls represented Cheltenham Borough Counci and supplied equipment to fence off the site and provide information to passing members of the public.

We dug three trenches, two adjacent to the plinths and one in the middle. We didn’t find the stone steps still in situ, but by each plinth we uncovered the brick foundations for the steps, and marks showing the original position of the stone, so we gained some useful information about their size. In the middle trench brick and rubble foundations – probably for the bandstand – were discovered, lying on top of where the steps would have been. After recording the ‘finds’ with photos and drawings, the trenches were filled in and the turf replaced.

We now have a better idea of what probably happened to the steps. The bandstand was situated directly in front of the Pump Room for a period of about a year in 1900-1, until it was belatedly realised that it spoiled the view and it was moved to the side. Sadly it was probably its original siting on the flight of steps that led to their dismantling – so if someone in 1900 hadn’t had such a strange idea, we might still have the steps in place.

The ‘dig’ was well publicised, with two spots on BBC Radio Gloucestershire and interviews and photos by the Gloucestershire Echo. We were delighted that Chris Ryder, Mayor of Cheltenham, visited us while the dig was going on, bearing a welcome gift of cake.

Old photographs showing the steps reveal how much they enhanced the approach to the Pump Room, and of course they were part of the original design for the Pump Room and its surroundings. Perhaps one day we will see them back in place.


Sandy Marshall, Gloria Jones, John Simpson and Judy Langhorn with their award

Cheltenham Arts Council award for Pittville History Works

Sandy Marshall, Gloria Jones, John Simpson and Judy Langhorn with their award

Sandy Marshall, Gloria Jones, John Simpson and Judy Langhorn with their award

Pittville History Works received an award from Cheltenham Arts Council at a ceremony at the Playhouse on 23 March. These awards recognise the achievements of volunteers who have made a major contribution to the cultural life of the town, and the award to the History Works team was in recognition of the project’s  innovation and the impact that it has had since it was set up just three years ago. The award was presented to John Simpson, the project leader, by the Mayor of Cheltenham, Cllr Chris Ryder.

Quiz night

Quiz night raises funds for our next project

Quiz nightWe had a very enjoyable quiz night on 6 February at The Feathered Fish in Winchcombe Street. Fifty people vied to win a bottle of champagne and luxury chocolates, and in the process we raised over £270 towards our next big project – major  improvements to the landscape around the Upper Lake and Pump Room. Thanks to everyone involved for their contribution.

Green Space Volunteers

Green Space Volunteers newsletter

Green Space Volunteers

Our Green Space Volunteers have their own regular newsletter. You can see the latest copy by clicking here.

Presenter at Pittville Gates

Pittville looking green and glorious on screen


Presenter at Pittville Gates

Presenter Tom Dyckhoff at Pittville Gates

Pittville was seen at its green and beautiful best when it featured in the first programme of the latest series of The Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC2. For once, the producers avoided cliched images of the Pump Room and focused instead on Pittville’s green squares and beautiful houses, with the gates playing a starring role. You can view the programme by clicking here.

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