Pittville Park is a 34 ha. site full of historical interest, beautiful landscape and wildlife. It consists of three different character areas (see plan):

The east side of the park – this is the Regency park overlooked by the Grade 1 listed Pittville Pump Room and contains grassed areas in front of it, the upper lake, the children’s play area and aviaries, two cafes and the toilets. It also includes the Long Gardens bounded by Pittville Lawn and Evesham Road.

The west side of the park – was created in the Victorian era and is larger consisting of a boating and fishing lake, tennis courts, a skate park, pitch and putt golf course, an adventure play area, the Agg Gardner Recreational Ground and the Boathouse cafe.

The wildlife area – situated west of Tommy Taylors Lane which has been planted with native trees and wildflowers and is where many of the birds in the park can be seen.  A series of paths are mowed through the area for people to walk.

Welcome and interpretation boards

There are welcome boards giving details about the park at the entrances and there are a series of interpretation boards, one for each character area, two at the restored Pittville Gates and one  near the upper lake to commemorate the lifeboat that was launched into the lake in the 19th century.

Location and parking

The east and west sides of the park are divided by the A435 Evesham Road which runs from Cheltenham town centre south of the parks to Bishops Cleeve in the north. There is an underpass below the A435 to facilitate safe crossing between the east and west sides of the park. There are also signal controlled pedestrian crossings near Central Cross Drive and Albemarle Gate

The west side of the park and the wildlife area are divided by Tommy Taylors Lane;  there is as yet no crossing facility between the two areas.

There is parking behind the Pittville Pump Room for approximately 150 cars and is a suitable drop-off point for schools. Access to the car park is from Albert Road and East Approach Drive and the post code is GL52 3JE.

There is parking for approximately 45 cars in the car park off Albemarle Gate and further parking at the Prince of Wales Stadium.

There is on-street parking around the park but much of it is restricted to a maximum stay of four hours.

Public transport

A  number of buses pass the park and the bus stops are shown on the plan. The routes are:

A         Prestbury to GCHQ

B         Charlton Kings to Sainsburys, Gallagher Retail Park

D         Up Hatherley to Bishops Cleeve

E         Cheltenham Railway Station to Bishops Cleeve

N         Cheltenham to Noverton View

94U     Gloucester to the Pittville Student Village.


There is an off-road cycle track through the park from Tommy Taylors Lane to Pittville Lawn, near Albert Road.  Cyclists should note this is a shared route with pedestrians and cyclists are required to dismount when using the underpass. For further details of cycling in Cheltenham refer to Cycling in Cheltenham on the borough council’s website.


There are toilets in the east side of the park just to the south of the play area. A fully equipped ‘Changing Places’ toilet will be built close to the existing toilet facilities in 2018. There are no toilet facilities in the west side of the park or the wildlife area.

Should it be wet there is cover under the portico at the front of the Pittville Pump Room. The Boathouse cafe has a covered area however any use of this facility would have to be agreed with the operator. Their website is http://www.inthepark.co.uk/contact/.


The park has three outlets where refreshments may be purchased. In the east side of the park the Central Cross Cafe and the play area kiosk, and in the west side of the park the Boathouse.