Watercourse and Lakes – Traces the sources of Wymans Brook until it empties into the Mill Avon in Tewkesbury, and describes the creation of the upper and lower lakes in Pittville Park.

History of Pittville Park – East Side – Based on the interpretation board in the east side of the park adjacent to the play area.

History of Pittville Park – West Side – Based on the interpretation board in the west side of the park adjacent to the entrance to the underpass.

Brickmaking and waste disposal in Pittville Park – The footprint of the old Folly Lane brickworks, opened when bricks were handmade, can still be seen in the west side of the park. It became a landfill site and when it closed it became part of the park and now is a wildlife area. How do we dispose of our waste today?

Pollution – Pittville Park is in danger from different forms of pollution but has ways of counteracting pollution to help the people of Cheltenham.

Pittville People – Several famous people lived in Pittville; see if you can find who they were from the description of what they achieved and where they lived.

The Value of Public Parks – Learn about the environmental, social and economic value of public parks and their origins.

Cheltenham – a Spa Town – Learn about the discovery of spa water in Cheltenham and why  Pittville Pump Room was the centre of Joseph Pitt’s Pittville.

Orienteering – Take the orienteering challenge and find all of 13 posts using the Pittville Park orienteering map.

A Tour of Pittville Pump Room – Learn about the history of the Pump Room and what it has been used for, and taste the spa water.